What is Google Honey? Innovation May Help PayPal Differentiate Itself From Competitors

what is google Honey innovation

You may be wondering, “What is Google Honey?” – and you’re not the only one. PayPal is interested in Honey’s payment app features. The company has already received a $4 billion valuation for the startup. Honey will allow users to pay for items from multiple retailers all at once. Honey is a new payment method that applies coupons automatically and helps consumers make purchases across multiple retailers. The company’s innovation may help PayPal differentiate itself from competitors.

As the world’s population grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain clean drinking water. One way to combat this problem is to find discount codes and make them easier to find. Honey works with tens of thousands of online retailers and has 17 million monthly active users. It’s free to use, and it doesn’t collect any personal information about you. The service doesn’t track you on websites other than retailers, so it doesn’t collect your information to generate a profit.