What is Google Climate? Innovation on Climate Change

The latest news on climate change is the introduction of new features and services by Google called “Google Climate.” These initiatives will reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions and are available through search, Maps, Travel and Nest. While some environmental advocates have criticized companies for shifting the burden of climate change to consumers, Google’s efforts are laudable. This is the first company to implement such an innovation. Google will source information about climate change from reputable sources.

Google’s new programs are focused on helping consumers make informed decisions about their energy usage. It will soon be possible for US-based Google users to see results for hybrid and electric vehicles. They will also be able to locate nearby electric vehicle charging stations. They will also receive suggestions on energy-efficient appliances for their homes when shopping online. These innovations are just the beginning of what Google’s new climate initiatives will achieve. The company will continue to partner with government agencies and companies to implement climate change solutions.

Google has a long-term goal of becoming carbon neutral. It offsets its own emissions and pays other companies to reduce their carbon footprint. It has also committed to run all of its offices and data centers on locally-sourced carbon-free energy by 2030. This is a far cry from what many tech companies have committed to. Currently, Google’s data centers run on 67 percent clean energy. If it reaches its goal, it’ll be a truly “carbon-free” company.