What is Coitus?


What is coitus? Basically, it’s a scientific term for sexual union. It comes from the Latin word coire, which is an assimilated form of com. The word coitus is derived from the PIE root *ei-, which means “to go.” Before the 15th century, the word coite was used in Middle English, but it didn’t become a word for sexual intercourse.

In fact, teens in the United States engage in coitus at similar rates as teenagers in other Western industrialized nations. This is twice as high as in the United Kingdom, four times higher than in Canada, and twelve times higher than in the Netherlands. Clearly, something needs to change to help reduce this epidemic. The best way to do that is through increased use of contraception. As with any scientific issue, there is no definitive solution for preventing adolescent pregnancy.

Anatomy of coitus interaction has been studied since the 14th century. Drawings of the coitus by Leonardo da Vinci and Frederick Dickinson, as well as other early studies, have helped us understand the process. During intercourse, the male pelvis is positioned in the caudal position. This means that the penis is at the potential size of a bulb. The male penis has the potential to penetrate the symphysis and reach the middle part of the sacrum.