Why is My Stool Green?

why is my stool green

Your stools might occasionally change color, including the appearance of green. It’s not a serious health condition, but if it persists, you should see a doctor. Sometimes, a simple craving for green vegetables can cause your stools to change color, and that’s not a cause for alarm. Because our bodies are not accustomed to ingesting large amounts of green foods, it can cause a change in stool color. Each person is unique in their sensitivity to the coloring of certain foods.

The color of your stool can tell you a lot about your health. Generally, green poop doesn’t mean you have a tumor. It could be a sign of a health problem, such as poor absorption of nutrients. It could also signal a problem with your digestive tract. In addition, if you have blood in your stool, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. However, if your poop is green, there’s a chance it’s a more serious problem.

The most common cause of green poop is eating too much green food. Eating too many green vegetables may cause your stools to turn green. Fortunately, most of these cases will return to normal after you change your diet. There are many other causes of green poop, and a simple change in diet can help you find out the cause of your green poop. For now, try to avoid eating any green vegetables.