What is Google Wind Farm Construction?

what is google Wind Farm Construction innovation

What is Google’s plan for its wind farms? The search engine giant plans to use its artificial intelligence technology, Deep Mind AI, to boost the US wind farms. This AI was trained on past turbine data and weather forecasts to predict power output 36 hours ahead of time. The technology could then suggest how much power to allocate to the grid a full day in advance. With such a powerful neural network, Google could increase wind energy usage by over 20%.

The company is pursuing renewable energy projects worldwide. It has signed power purchase agreements with wind farms that produce electricity for Google at market rate. This energy will be mixed with energy from other sources, such as coal, to meet its energy needs. Google has already invested $535 million in wind power projects in five states. It has made 20 renewable energy commitments in countries such as Sweden, Chile, and South Dakota. For its part, the company has a clear plan of its own.

While the project will be beneficial to the local community, Google also intends to meet their own sustainability goals. This new Alabama data center will utilize the electrical infrastructure of a former coal plant and will support the company’s operations in the Southeastern region. In total, the company expects that a whopping 72 percent of its electricity needs in the two states will be carbon-free. Clean energy makes sense everywhere. Google also plans to install solar panels on its data centers and wind farms.