What is Google SpaceCrop Water Scarcity Innovation? Innovations in Water Purification

If you’ve been wondering what is Google’s SpaceCrop Water Scarcity Innovation, you’ve come to the right place. This revolutionary water purification technology uses nanoparticles to kill bacteria. The technology can be used in point-of-use water filters or decentralized treatment systems. Nanoparticles are tiny objects that scientists have specially designed to kill bacteria.

The first version of this technology was a printed circuit board that purified one microlitre of water per minute. The researchers were surprised when they saw the breakthrough in throughput and precision, but they persevered. The next generation was built with an improved design that is a step closer to realizing its full potential. The system is portable, allowing it to be used in disaster-hit areas and remote areas.

Many new technologies are being developed to provide clean drinking water to everyone, but most of these are expensive and complex to use on the ground. One of the most effective water purification innovations is solar distillation, which works by using sunlight to evaporate water. The condensed water is then safe for human consumption. It can be used to purify water anywhere from rivers and lakes to urban streets.