What is Google House?

what is google House innovation

What is Google House? The answer is a curious mix of Ikea and Lego. This innovative new design was inspired by the free-wheeling corporate culture of Google and its desire to keep its employees working and on campus. While the company’s original offices were in a garage in Silicon Valley, employees soon started complaining that it was difficult to concentrate in open offices. In 2003, Google moved into a sprawling campus with open office spaces and fun common spaces. Google employees enjoyed free food and buses.

The culture at Google emphasizes multiple useful offerings and letting the market determine which ones will be the most successful. Google is a test bed for innovation, with over 132 million users to judge the effectiveness of new ideas. While Google’s culture may be difficult to duplicate, many elements of their innovation process can be adopted profitably by any organization. Google’s approach to innovation has been praised by several observers. The company’s improvisational approach to innovation has also attracted high-quality employees.

While many startup startups struggle to achieve their dreams, Google has been able to create a highly effective incubator for them. Google’s process of selecting the best projects results in weeding out mediocre ones. While evaluating projects at Google, founders must go back to the incubator every six months to see how they’re doing. The success of the project depends on a number of factors, including the management team’s willingness to mentor the founders and their ideas.