What is Google Cupboard? Innovation in Virtual Reality

what is google Cupboard innovation

Google recently introduced a virtual reality headset known as the Google Cardboard, which pairs with your smartphone and enables you to see content in three-dimensional space. The device was first unveiled at the Google I/O conference last year, but the company has since updated the product to make it more user-friendly. The new Cardboard headset pairs with apps like Google Maps and YouTube to provide a 3D rendering of your favorite pictures.

Rather than create a separate product for each user, Google is creating a VR ecosystem centered around low-cost VR equipment, as well as software for it. They have also released a developer’s kit for the Cardboard to allow developers to embed VR content in their apps. This opens up an ecosystem for developers, and the company has partnered with Volvo, Mattel, Samsung, Verizon, and The New York Times to create content for the platform.