What is Ejaculation?


The term “ejaculation” refers to the sudden expulsion of semen. Semen is a thick fluid made up of sperm cells and secretions from sexual glands. Semen is essential to reproduction and is produced during copulation, when males inseminate a female. The spermatozoa in the semen swim to fertilize the ovum. This process happens spontaneously when you’re sexually aroused.

Inability to ejaculate is often mistaken for an ailment. The medical term for inability to ejaculate is anorgasmia. An orgasm is a climax of sexual excitement and ejaculation is the accompaniment to this sensation. In some cases, ejaculation is painful. When you can’t ejaculate, the problem may be more serious, like a faulty or infected penis.

If you don’t have an erection and have difficulty ejaculating, you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction. In such a case, it’s best to seek medical attention to treat the underlying cause. Many men experience delayed or absent ejaculation. However, some men don’t ejaculate at all. For these men, it’s more important to treat underlying erectile dysfunction before trying to cure ejaculation.

Some men don’t experience orgasm even if they are capable of having sexual intercourse. In such cases, there are psychological factors that may cause this problem. These include masturbation patterns, certain medications, and neurological or cardiovascular disorders. Even surgery that cuts a nerve in the vagina can cause a man to not have an orgasm. And, for men suffering from depression, PE can be even more challenging.