Relaunch of an E-Commerce Louis Vuitton Website in China

Ecommerce Louis Vuitton web site

The relaunch of an E-commerce Louis Vuitton website in China is a major step for luxury brand LVMH. According to the French luxury goods maker, China accounts for one-third of global luxury purchases. In an effort to tap into the rapidly growing Chinese market, the company has streamlined the customs procedures and made its web site more accessible for customers. While its web site in China only accepts Alipay as of now, it will soon add UnionPay and credit cards.

The official e-commerce site for China was launched Thursday, giving Chinese luxury shoppers an easier way to purchase the upscale brand’s products. Although LVMH has been trying to revive China’s luxury market for years, Louis Vuitton is still going low-key about its move into e-commerce. The company quietly added the feature to its official Chinese site, which has been up and running since the late 1990s. Although the new site offers a wide range of products, the company has not announced it publicly and has not mentioned the launch of its web site on social media.

As the industry’s top-selling brand, LVMH is seeking to increase its share of online sales. The company has spent several million euros on the new site, which is its largest initiative since hiring Rogers in 2015. The new site offers products from LVMH brands as well as many other popular brands. However, while LVMH is making strides in this area, Celine remains a laggard. As a result, Arnault has turned to Rogers to develop an omni-channel approach to bolster the company’s online presence and increase online revenue.