Niteco Builds E-Commerce De’Longhi Web Site

Ecommerce DeLonghi web site

The Italian small appliance giant, the De’Longhi Group, which also includes Kenwood and Braun Household, recently decided to have all of its digital services handled by a single vendor. To this end, it chose Niteco for an Episerver upgrade and product information management system integration. Then, the De’Longhi Group approached Niteco about working with them as a long-term partner.

Federico Malvezzi, a former UX designer, was responsible for the De’Longhi web site. Filippo has a fresh perspective and real insights into UX. This experience proved beneficial for De’Longhi’s online store. We helped De’Longhi develop a website that provides both easy navigation and product information. Similarly, we built a web site that showcases the brand’s heritage and enables visitors to learn about the company’s products and history.