Can You Get Aids From Oral?

can you get aids from oral

Can you get HIV from oral? Yes, it’s possible. HIV needs an entry point in the mouth or throat to infect the body. That’s why people who have herpes or a herpes outbreak shouldn’t have oral sex. Also, people who are taking antiretroviral therapy should avoid oral sex. They should wait at least half an hour after having oral sex before they perform another sexual act.

While there is very little risk from oral sex, you should always seek medical attention if you have had sexual intercourse with HIV-positive individuals. The risk of HIV transmission is low in most cases. However, oral sex poses a risk if the HIV-infected person shares injecting equipment, ejaculates in the mouth of his partner, or injects his sperm or blood into her mouth. In addition, HIV transmission can also occur through other sexually transmitted infections. This is why it is important to get regular sexual health checkups before engaging in oral sex.

While it is true that the risk of HIV is lower for oral sex, the risk is still high compared to anal or vaginal sex. Moreover, you should never engage in unprotected oral sex with HIV-positive partners. In fact, HIV is the most common sexually transmitted disease, according to Public Health England. If you’re having sexual intercourse with an HIV-positive partner, your chances of contracting HIV are only 0.04%.