Why Do Cats Throw Up?

why do cats throw up

While some people assume that vomiting is caused by some serious medical condition, it’s a common behavior for cats. Vomiting is an expulsion of unwanted food. Cats don’t vomit for the same reasons that people do, but they do feel uneasy after vomiting. Cats’ vomit usually consists of lightly used food. It should not cause secondary problems. You can help curb cat vomiting by avoiding feeding it with your hands and preventing the food from being absorbed by your cat’s digestive tract.

Vomiting may also be a sign of an underlying illness. Intestinal blockage can lead to recurrent episodes of vomiting. Some cats swallow indigestible objects while playing. If the blockage is not removed promptly, it can become life-threatening. Other causes of vomiting in cats include hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney disease, and feline inflammatory bowel disease. Sometimes, your cat may have ingested something harmful, such as a piece of string or a rubber band.

Vomit is often interpreted as undigested food. However, sometimes it contains white foam, which can be mistaken for vomit. It is not always possible to determine what the cause of your cat’s vomiting is, but a veterinarian can recommend an appropriate treatment. During vomiting, your cat should remain confined to one area and be observed closely. If your cat continues to throw up, it’s time to see a veterinarian.