What is Google Psychology? Innovation?

what is google Psychology innovation

What is Google Psychology? innovation? Using psychology to understand human behavior, Google aims to create solutions for the problems faced by the organization. According to Kurkoski, the director of Google’s People Innovation Lab, the company’s researchers do not choose participants randomly. Instead, they carefully select individuals with the same interests as Google. Then, they analyze the data they gather to find the most effective solutions. And then, they apply those solutions to Google.

Project Aristotle, a 2012 initiative, aimed to demonstrate that psychological safety produces results. The study involved 180 teams and found that resources and smarts alone cannot compensate for psychological safety. In fact, it was viewed as the single most important factor in high-performing teams. Project Aristotle is based on the philosophy that a team’s psychological safety is its most important asset. For this reason, Google aims to promote psychological safety in its workplace.