What is Google Bad? Innovation?

what is google Bad innovation

The question is, what is Google Bad? innovation, and what can it do to improve its processes? As an innovation consultant, I’m often asked this question, but I don’t have an answer for that. I don’t know if the answers lie in a company’s own policies, or if the issues listed above are symptomatic of a deeper problem with Google. But I’m willing to bet that most of them are.

For example, many tech companies compete against Apple, and it’s clear that Google has a long-term strategy to knock Apple off its perch. The products it sells are as good or better than Apple’s. Chromebooks aren’t as fast as a Macbook, but they have the same usability. They cost the same amount as an iPad, and Android is almost an exact replica of iOS. Google’s Pixel phone, for instance, has a better camera than the iPhone, and is faster and smoother to use. It also comes with an excellent digital assistant, and has faster charging.

While Google has long been admired for its innovative spirit, there are also significant ethical concerns about its work. Its newest innovations have aimed to solve some of humanity’s most pressing problems, such as the development of quantum computing (Sycamore), self-driving cars (Waymo), smart cities, and transformer models, just to name a few. There have also been numerous ethical issues raised about Google’s work, such as its use of personal information for political purposes.