What is Google Autonomous Vehicles?

what is google Autonomous vehicles innovation

Self-driving cars are an important part of the future of transportation. They can navigate around urban areas without the assistance of a human driver. They can deal with 90 to 95 percent of situations on their own, but the technology isn’t quite ready for end-users. Until then, these cars are capable of dealing with ten percent of situations, and are not yet ready to be used by the general public.

Waymo is a pioneer in autonomous driving technology. A team led by Google engineer Sebastian Thrun developed a robotic car called Waymo that won a DARPA contest. In 2009, Google began testing self-driving cars on public roads. Since then, the company’s Waymo cars have driven more than 10 million miles on public roads. Despite numerous minor accidents, there has only been one fatal accident so far. Although it’s too early to say if the company’s autonomous cars will ever be ready for the road, the first reports of crashes are positive.

Uber and other companies have partnered with Waymo to help it develop its autonomous cars. The program is expected to be complete in five years. Until then, it will be able to safely drive on the road without the assistance of human drivers. While Waymo is a startup that’s been developing self-driving cars since its inception, there’s a long way to go.