Google HorseFly Could Revolutionize Package Delivery

Google’s new drone, the HorseFly, could revolutionize package delivery. This autonomous quadcopter uses a touchscreen interface to guide it to its destination. If it detects a package bar code, it can follow its trajectory and return to the truck. The app will allow consumers to track the progress of their packages online. A video shows the process of the new drone’s flight. Here’s a closer look.

what is google Horsefly innovation

The drone is designed to stay close to the electric delivery truck. The truck acts as a mini-distribution center, and has a charging station on its roof. Instead of stopping at every delivery location, the HorseFly flies on its roof to deliver the package. Once the package has been delivered, it returns to the charging station, where it can continue the delivery. This new system has a large number of advantages, and is expected to become widely used soon.

The drone has a long range, but it doesn’t spend much time over solar panels, despite being an attractive option. Its flight range is up to five miles and it’s able to stay close to the delivery truck while delivering packages. Another advantage of this system is that the delivery truck is electric, meaning it doesn’t have to stop at each delivery location. In other words, it doesn’t have to travel long distances, making it the perfect alternative for home deliveries.