Can Dogs Have Popcorn?

can dogs have popcorn

While popcorn is a great treat for people to enjoy while watching movies or at home, dogs cannot digest the sugars and fats in it. These ingredients can contribute to stomach upset, diabetes, and even kidney failure. However, it is possible to feed your dog some popcorn as a treat. While it is not recommended for a dog to consume too much of anything, it is perfectly safe for medium-sized dogs. A handful of popcorn will provide the right amount of fat for your pooch.

Popcorn is generally safe for dogs, but it should be given in moderation and only as a special treat. It contains high amounts of sodium and fat, which can contribute to dehydration and obesity. In addition, the kernels are hard and can hurt your dog’s teeth. A safe crunchy treat for dogs is homemade dehydrated fruit chews, which are healthy and low-calorie. Avocado is safe for dogs, as long as the skin and leaves are removed, but avoid the seeds. While the avocado is not as harmful to dogs as to horses, the seeds in it are.

While popcorn is not as healthy as other types of food, it can be a tasty treat for dogs. Besides being low in calories and fat, popcorn is also high in fiber. It is a great way to train your dog to perform a new trick. Just make sure you don’t add seasonings or any uncooked grains to the popcorn. As a general rule, your dog will probably prefer popcorn that’s plain without butter or other additives.