Why Are Cats Afraid of Water?

why are cats afraid of water

Some people may wonder why cats are so scared of water. Interestingly, cats have never experienced the thrill of falling into a body of water. Even if you give them a bowl of water, they will still be wary of it. If you let them play in a bathtub, they will splash and lick it. But when you put a wet blanket on them, they will try to drag it around until it dries.

A cat’s fear of water may have originated in the Middle East, where the first domestic cats inhabited the dry land. This means they didn’t need to swim to survive. But if you force-bathe them in a bathtub, they will be terrified of the sudden wetness. This could result in a panic attack and make them shiver. This can cause further stress. This is why cats are so afraid of water.

There are several reasons why cats are scared of water. One reason is that they have no experience of getting wet. During their early years, they may have been forced to use bathtubs or have their coats wet. Their experiences may be enough to make them avoid water in adulthood. Another explanation is that cats don’t like the smell of a wet carpet. Regardless of their origin, cats are generally not fond of water and bathing isn’t the best way to get acquainted with the cat.