Can You Live With One Kidney?

Despite its limitations, a person with one kidney can live a healthy life, albeit with some challenges. The remaining kidney is more than enough to compensate for the missing organ. You should continue to exercise, monitor your blood pressure, and get regular checkups. If you have a lone kidney, there are various treatments available. These include surgery, dialysis, and dialysis resection.

can you live with one kidney

Depending on your condition, you may be offered a kidney donation. The process can be complex, but there are several ways to donate a kidney. You can also have a kidney removed to save another person’s life. If you’re able to donate a kidney, you can have a kidney for someone in need. Living with one, however, means that you only have one healthy organ. If you don’t have a match, you can donate your organ to another person in need of a transplant. A healthy kidney will function just as well as two.

If you’re born with one kidney, your doctor will need to remove it as part of the process of treating other health issues. It’s possible that you’ll require a transplant if you don’t have a donor or if you’re not a good candidate for a transplant. While living with a single kidney is difficult, it’s important to remember that it’s possible to live with just one organ.