Why is the Sky Blue for Kids? Simple Experiments You Can Do at Home

When you are a kid, you may wonder: “Why is the sky blue?” You might not know that there are many explanations for this mysterious color, but the truth is that the sun is a powerful light source, and blue light is scattered more than other colors. That’s why the sky appears blue. However, you can do simple experiments to find out the answer. There are a lot of easy to follow experiments you can do at home with a simple kit.

During a clear day, the sun is not visible at all, and it’s because the atmosphere scatters the light that reaches the Earth. This means that blue light is scattered more than red and yellow light. As a result, the sky appears blue. But why is it so blue? What makes the sky look so brilliant? The atmosphere is the reason that we see blue and other colors when we see the sun.

The sun sends out waves of light that make up the rainbow. These waves scatter the light, and blue light is the shortest of them all. When light travels through the atmosphere, it’s reflected or scattered, so the sky appears blue. The Earth’s atmosphere is filled with dust particles, which scatter blue light more than other colors. It is this scattering that gives the sky its color. This is the reason why the sky is blue.