What is Google Healthcare Industry Innovation?

One example of a Google Healthcare innovation is the new CloudHealth API. With the new API, doctors and other medical providers can access clinical trials right from their phone. For instance, the health care data engine in the CloudHealth API allows physicians to make operational decisions based on real-time data from various sources, including clinical systems and consumer devices. It also enables providers to see if patients are receiving the right treatment for them based on the results of various clinical trials.

what is google Healthcare industry innovation

In addition to offering cloud services, Google is also developing tools for healthcare professionals, including apps that augment doctors’ expertise. Its research team has also been working on AI-enabled tools for hospitals. Recently, the company partnered with Johnson & Johnson’s Verily to create Verb Surgical, a robotic surgical robot with advanced visualization capabilities. This project is part of Google’s larger strategy to make healthcare a part of its existing business.

Google has partnered with Northwestern Medicine to develop an AI tool for clinicians. The company also partnered with Nashville-based HCA Healthcare to deploy Google Workspace platform to improve collaborations among 140 hospitals. Meanwhile, Blue Shield of California is working with Google on a cloud-based solution. Both companies have invested in healthcare and are looking to make a difference. For example, the company’s Cloud platform aims to help health insurers track costs and monitor patient outcomes.