Water Scarcity Innovation

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The vast majority of water is discharged into the environment untreated, but there are countless initiatives underway to help make it useful again and provide clean and safe water for households. Innovative Water Technologies’ SunSpring Hybrid water purification station has been installed in 30 countries, and can produce 20,000 litres of clean drinking-water per day for over ten years.

The global water market is in desperate need of innovation, but this sector is one of the most regulated industries in the world. According to the World Health Organization, 70% of freshwater is used for food production. This means that water purification and recycling are important topics in this market, and many companies are trying to tackle this problem with cutting-edge technologies.

The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) has launched an initiative to combat water scarcity in southern Europe, which focuses on solutions for water scarcity in agricultural areas. The EIT’s Food program is leading the project, in collaboration with EIT Raw Materials and EIT Manufacturing. BioAzul Consulting and Athena technology center are also supporting the initiative.