Orgasm Techniques For Men and Women


Despite the many myths about the male orgasm, there are several proven methods to achieve orgasm. These include Shakespeare’s bawdy, Beyer-Flores’s The Crucible, and WEBB’s Lust and Love – more than Chemistry. The first of these methods is a very effective approach. The second method is a more complicated one. Both use different techniques to stimulate orgasm.

An orgasm is a physical reaction that occurs when erotic tension builds up and sexual desire reaches the ejaculatory phase. Both men and women can experience an orgasm, and the process is highly individual. For men, it’s a wonderful way to release emotional stress and feel closer to your partner. If you’re a woman, you’ll find that orgasm is a completely different experience altogether.

A man’s heart rate goes through the roof during arousal. His genitals swell and his skin may become flushed. While these physical changes are common in orgasms, a person’s brain actually experiences a powerful cocktail of chemicals that trigger orgasms. These chemicals include dopamine and oxytocin, which are associated with good feelings. These substances also encourage closeness, empathy, and a host of other emotions.

In the study, male and female college students described the sensation of an orgasm. Both genders experienced an explosion of pleasure. Women, on the other hand, described an orgasm as a wave of warmth and peace, accompanied by a sense of relaxation. The intensity of the experience can vary widely; some women describe an orgasm as a pleasant, relaxing experience while others are screaming. Whatever your experience, remember that an orgasm is a natural and satisfying experience.