Why Does My Body Ache?

The reason you’re experiencing aches and pains throughout your body may be attributed to a wide variety of causes. For example, overuse of a muscle or minor injury is likely to cause an aching muscle. Similarly, chronic inflammation and stress can trigger a variety of inflammatory responses. Age and other factors can also contribute to body aches and pains. Whether it’s a common ailment or a serious autoimmune disease, it’s important to get a proper diagnosis.

why does my body ache

While many people have aches and pains throughout their bodies, not all of them are due to illness. While most cases are harmless, some aches can be serious and require medical attention. For instance, if the ache lasts for several days and doesn’t improve, you may have a more serious health problem. A doctor can assess the cause of your body aches by taking a blood test and looking for other symptoms.

If your body aches in one or more joints, you may have a joint condition. Likewise, body aches are also a sign of autoimmune diseases, such as lupus or diabetes. Inflammation is a common cause of muscle pain. If your ailment is causing your aches, it’s a good idea to seek medical advice. If you’re unsure, make an appointment with a licensed healthcare professional.