Where to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Where to buy an engagement ring is a big decision. You will want to choose the best diamond for her – and it should be affordable! Most jewelry stores have a high overhead, so you’ll pay more there. And there isn’t as much selection as in a specialty store. Buying online or at a local mall can be risky, as prices can vary widely. Plus, it can be difficult to get a free consultation if you’re not sure what you want.

where to buy engagement ring

If you’re buying an engagement ring for a man, you’ll want a design that’s made of platinum. You can’t go wrong with a tungsten carbide ring. You can find a gorgeous, high-quality diamond from a reputable company. You’ll be able to see exactly what a diamond looks like on the hand of your future husband or wife.

The diamond itself may make you feel unsure. Many people opt for a round diamond, but there are also several other shapes available. While the round diamond is the most popular, a heart-shaped stone complements a woman’s long, thin fingers. The oval is a classic shape that looks good on the finger and is also a classic choice. For an engagement ring, princess diamonds are an ideal choice. They have a flat, pyramidal top, which makes the stone appear bigger than it is. The marquise is a great option for maximizing the carat size of the diamond, and a pear looks delicate on a thin band.