What is Google Guidance? Innovation

When it comes to innovative thinking, Google is a good example. Their approach to innovation is based on “Think 10x.” By this mantra, they mean that a simple idea should be improved ten times. This applies to everything from the way they design cars to how they develop artificial intelligence. While this may not sound like the best way to think about innovation, it is a good practice for companies to imitate.

what is google Guidance innovation

One of the reasons why Google’s innovation process has worked is because it is highly improvised. This means that any engineer in the company has the chance to come up with a new product or feature, which attracts high-quality employees and generates a high volume of new ideas. This approach has also helped the company to overcome a perceived hegemony that Microsoft has in business software applications.

Another example of Google’s approach to innovation is in food and beverage products. For example, Google researchers designed its cafeteria to promote healthier foods and eliminate bulk bins of M&Ms. Instead, they switched to individually-wrapped M&Ms and found that employees ate 58 percent fewer. That meant that the calories per serving dropped from 308 to 130. This is an example of how data can lead to innovative ideas.