Google Vassar Labs – Innovations in Water Technology

Google Vassar Labs is a company based in New York that aims to make clean water available for everyone. The company is one of 10 companies selected to join the Google Launchpad Accelerator program in 2018. Their innovative water-purification technology leverages solar power and cutting-edge tech to improve public health. The company’s water-purification system can clean up to ten million litres of water in an hour.

Imagine H2O’s technologies include modular wastewater treatment systems, bioelectrode sensors, and advanced cloud-based analytics. These innovations can help utilities reduce water costs and improve network health. The company has partnered with several startups to develop next-gen solutions for water. For example, WATER Labs is developing a portable toilet that doesn’t use water and evaporates 95% of sewage without electricity. Another company, Water Lens, is developing an innovative tool that allows people to test the quality of their drinking-water in real time.

The technology has already been developed and is ready for commercialization. Google is currently funding the development of these technologies, but they have yet to launch. While it has been a long time in the making, there are already some innovative new technologies that are transforming the world’s water supply. The team behind this new technology won first place at the recent Google Pitch Fest in Switzerland.