Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

Labor Day was created to celebrate the social achievements of American workers. It was originally a national holiday celebrating the contributions of people who worked hard to build our nation, including labor organizers. In the late 1800s, American workers were forced to work twelve-hour days seven days a week, often without any benefits, and to band together to form unions. Today, we recognize the workers who put in long hours to make America strong.

why do we celebrate labor day

Historically, labor unions were founded on Labor Day. In 1882, the first celebration of the holiday centered around a large picnic and street parade. It celebrated the hard work of working people. But today, Labor Day is a day to honor those who do the unglamorous work that keeps our country running and our economy strong. And while it may have started as a day to celebrate workers, it has evolved into a celebration of the working class.

Labor Day has a complex history. The idea began as a result of battles between unions and businesses. As workers struggled to gain rights, it became a holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. During the late 19th century, the average American worked twelve-hour days seven days a week. In some factories, children were even employed at an early age. By 1882, the Knights of Labor adopted a resolution to commemorate labor.