What is the Brand Viettel?

what is the brand Viettel

The main objective of the Viettel is to offer high-quality products and services to its customers. The company focuses on product innovation with technology elements and has been improving its products and services under the scrutiny of customers. Its repositioning process began in early 2021 and includes six key platforms for building a digital society. These include digital infrastructure, solutions, content, finance, cybersecurity, and customer experience. All of these activities help boost the brand value.

The Viettel Group recently introduced a new slogan and logo. The old logo was last updated in 2004 and was largely unchanged. The company has changed its mission from popularizing telecommunication services to pioneering digital societies. The new Viettel logo uses the color red as its primary color to signify love for the country and its pioneering mission. To further enhance its brand image, the Viettel Group has a new slogan, “Viettel is our people.”

The Viettel brand helps expand the market by creating favourable conditions for new brands to compete in the same industry. In this process, the brand expands its range through the use of innovative products. In order to make these products compatible with the original ones, the company listens to the needs and interests of its customers and focuses on the customer’s experience. The company has a history of building its brand with its customers in mind.