What is Google Wearables and Augmented Humans?

Wearables will revolutionize our lives with the help of advanced technology. The new Google Glass will let users see life-size human figures on the virtual window. These new devices will use computer vision, machine learning, and a light field system to provide feedback. Not only will you be interacting with a robotic car, but you’ll also be surrounded by people and objects that don’t even exist yet.

what is google Wearables and augmented humans innovation

Google Glass has been called an “augmented human” since its introduction in 2010. Schmidt’s use of the term began in 2010 when he described devices as extensions of our mind. These devices are meant to adapt to our preferences and behavior in order to make our work easier. The term has been repurposed and is now used to describe the applications of next-generation technologies to improve our lives. This technology will help businesses and employees overcome barriers and empower them to be more productive.

Google Glass and other wearable technologies are a great example of this technology. The company has already launched a version of its Android operating system that can be used in smartphones. The new software development kit should be made available to developers within two weeks. These new devices will help employees access data and interact with their surroundings. The new technology is expected to be available for consumers in the future. The company’s goal is to help companies improve the quality of their work life by providing more tools and services.