What Does It Sound Like When the Sun Goes Down?

Many of us are fascinated by the changing cityscape at night, but do we really know what it sounds like when the sun goes down? Those are two of the questions we are constantly asking ourselves. If we do not know, we can always try and find out! Let’s explore the meaning behind When The Sun Goes Down by Arctic Monkeys. If you do not know, we recommend watching the video and listening to the lyrics.

when the sun goes down

When the sun goes down, everything seems to get a little hotter, even the sea and the sky. When the big moon rises, however, things get cooler and more humid. The difference in temperature is especially noticeable when you take note of the stars. This is where the song comes in. It’s a beautiful song about the transition from daytime to nighttime. It’s an enchanting song about the transition from day to night.

“When the sun goes down, everything seems hot” is the refrain of the song’s chorus. The lyrics describe the stark contrast between daytime and nighttime. The song’s title, “What Do You See When the Sun Goes Down?” is an apt title for the song. It was written by Frank Sinatra and released under Columbia Records. The lyrics are a beautiful combination of melody, rhythm and lyric, and can be found in countless recordings by a variety of singers.