What is Google Celebration?

Google Doodles are some of the coolest things on the internet. They tend to feature events or people that they deem cool. One of the most popular celebrations is a celebration of Marshall McLuhan, a man who “saw” the Internet coming. The doodle features six images and links to the results of a search for the name McLuhan. McLuhan’s theories on the spread of technology and information are fascinating.

what is google Celebration innovation

Since 1998, Google has led the web services and consumer hardware experience. The company recently released its most ambitious lineup of devices yet and also introduced Google Allo, a new communications app. This year, it rebranded its enterprise division to become Google Cloud and redoubled efforts to take on Amazon Web Services. As a result, it has become a global brand. Moreover, the celebrations are not just for employees.

The Google Doodle is an ongoing tradition since 1998. It aims to highlight the fun side of the company through its doodles and doodle-based content. Some of the most popular doodles have included a playable video game or an original song. These doodles show off the fun side of Google and its culture of innovation. It’s a great way to showcase the personality of the company and inspire others.