Innovation in Construction – What is Google Construction?

What is Google Construction? Basically, it is a web platform that allows you to design large buildings online. It has the potential to revolutionize the construction industry. The company has been secretive about the project for two years. The website’s contact details appear to be Google’s. However, it’s worth mentioning that the domain’s owners are listed as Google. The website also has an empty webpage, and its favicon is a genie’s lamp.

what is google Construction  innovation

For example, Etch uses blockchain technology for construction payroll management. It reduces the time it takes for workers to get paid, ensuring they receive the money in a timely manner. The smartwatch detects worker conditions and automatically sends regular health reports and emergency alerts to the client. It also makes it easy for construction companies to track employee productivity by reducing their administrative workload. One of the most promising startups in this field is IoSite.

The concept of immersive reality is already making a name for itself. This technology is a great tool for cross-departmental collaboration and can help build better structures. One such example is the Wild, which is an immersive virtual reality remote collaboration platform for AEC teams. Users can share their work with their clients and leave feedback for review. In the future, the technology could revolutionize the construction industry. While there are still a few steps left before Google makes the construction industry a more efficient place to work, the construction industry will be better off for it.