E-Commerce Google Play Web Site

The e-commerce Google Play web site is the next step to launch your app. It is a good idea to publish the e-commerce Android application using the Google Play Console. This method gives the developer full control over the application. When published to the Google Play store, every application has a private key. This private key is similar to a security certificate, which includes credentials such as the Keystore password.

Ecommerce Google Play web site

The billing system available in Google Play allows you to sell subscriptions and digital products through your web site. You can integrate the Google Play billing system with your website by following instructions at the Android Developers site. However, you should remember that it is not possible to use the Google Play billing system if your web content facilitates online gambling, peer-to-peer payment, or content in certain categories. These restrictions are very important to follow when building your E-commerce solution.

Once you have the Google Play web site, you can integrate its billing system with your own application. This integration will allow you to sell digital products and subscriptions. You can find more information on how to integrate the billing system into your web site at the Android Developers site. There are several restrictions on how you can use the billing system on your web site, including the use of peer-to-peer payments, gambling, and other categories that are considered unacceptable by Google.