What is Google Robotic Process Automation?

In order to understand what is Google Robotic process automation, we need to first understand what it is and how it is used. Essentially, RPA is the use of algorithms and software to automate repetitive tasks. It requires an input and an output but does not have in-built intelligence. That means it is not very accurate and has limited scope for improvement. The biggest drawback is that it doesn’t work with high volumes, so errors are common.

what is google Robotic process automation innovation

RPA uses artificial intelligence to create automated processes that work as if they are human. These systems can be programmed to perform specific tasks and can interact with any system or application. Some examples of such tasks are data validation and data entry from one system to another. In addition, robots can be programmed to extract data from emails, attachments, and calculations. It can be used for any high volume, business rule-driven process.

The benefits of RPA are huge, and they are rapidly transforming business operations. Businesses can achieve significant cost savings and increase employee productivity. According to Gartner, spending on robotic process automation will reach $2.4 billion by 2022. By freeing up human employees to perform higher-level tasks, RPA can improve customer satisfaction and competitive advantages. At the same time, it can increase employee engagement and create new revenue opportunities.