What is Google Home? Innovation in 2017

The first major innovation from Google this year is its Google Home, a smart speaker that can answer your questions and make your life easier. The mini device has a light sensor and is capable of adjusting the brightness of the display to suit the surroundings. The device also features a feature called Ambient EQ, which allows it to change the color temperature of the screen and change the clock. The Ambient EQ mode also allows the display to be dimmed to almost invisible levels once the lights go out.

what is google Home innovation

The Google Home is similar to the Amazon Echo, but is not as impressive as it may seem. Many tech magazines voted the Echo the best home assistant in 2016, so Google Home didn’t seem to be catching up. But in 2017 it gained 6.7 million new users. While it never surpassed the Echo as the best home assistant, it was taking major leaps. It wasn’t able to take the lead from the Echo, but it was still making huge strides and has now reached millions of consumers.

The second major innovation in Google’s home assistant is the ability to integrate Google services into the device. A letter to investors from Google CEO Sundar Pichai and other executives argued that people use their devices to retrieve information, stay organized, and communicate. These are tasks that the company is good at, and a smart speaker will make those tasks easier. This was a major reason why Google was so successful in e-mail and Web-based services.