What is Google Fashion? Innovation

what is google Fashion innovation

Having a connection with your clothes is important, and Google is trying to bridge the gap between fashion and technology. Project Jacquard, launched in 2015, showcased wearables that could be operated by taps and gestures. Yves Saint Laurent, for instance, introduced a Jacquard smart backpack, which used the same technology. However, it is unclear what the next step is for this innovation.

The next step is to create a platform for connected clothes. Google is building a smart fabric called Jacquard, which is a full-scale digital platform for smart apparel. The technology is made of ultra-thin conductive metal alloys, which are woven into fabrics. These threads can be integrated with embedded sensors. Other companies have already demonstrated smart garments. Samsung has a Body Compass workout suit with hidden sensors, and its Smart Suit has gesture-controlled app-connected cufflinks.

Google’s Jacquard technology is also part of its Jacquard platform. It is a full-scale digital platform for smart clothing. It uses hyper-thin conductive metal alloys, which are woven into natural and synthetic fibers. The technology has been used to integrate embedded sensors into clothes. Other companies, including Samsung, have also shown connected tech garments. Its Body Compass workout suit uses hidden sensors to track your workout, while its Smart Suit uses gesture-controlled app-connected shirts.