What is Google Child?

Google recently launched a new initiative called ‘Gmail for Kids’, which aims to help parents manage their children’s digital lives. The service offers parents the chance to interact with their child’s online activity using their Google Account. They can monitor the activities of their child and grant them permission to share their information with third-party advertisers. What’s more, it’s free! That means no need to worry about the privacy of your child’s information.

what is google Child innovation

What’s more, it allows you to supervise what your child watches and hears. Google Child’s recommended videos are great for parents to watch with their children, as long as they’re in the right age. For children aged 13 and older, they can even create a Google Account and access it without parental supervision. For those parents concerned about their children’s privacy, they can add supervision to their account. And, of course, you can also add supervised content to your child’s account.

In order to set up a Google Account for your child, you’ll need parental consent. If your child is under 13, you can add a school account as a user on the Android device. However, this will prevent the parental supervision features of Family Link from working on a school account. When your child is older, he or she can start a separate Google Account and add supervision. For younger children, there are several benefits to setting up a Google Account for them.