What is Consummation?


What is consummation? It is the point when something has been completed or finalized. The word originates from the Latin verb consummare, which means “to finish.” It refers to marriage or sexual intercourse. Depending on the culture, the term can mean the first act of sexual intercourse following a marriage. The process of consummation can vary, though. Often, consummation occurs before or after the wedding day.

A marriage is not complete until the couple have had their first intercourse. It is not complete until both partners have had their first sexual intercourse. Generally, this means either the marriage or the Civil Partnership has ended or the couple is no longer living together. In some countries, such as Ireland, the consummation of a marriage occurs within one year of the date of the ceremony. In many countries, the marriage is dissolved if the couple does not engage in sexual intercourse within that time frame.

Under the law, the consummation of a marriage occurs when both partners have their first sexual intercourse. This is usually after two years of courtship or a period of at least three months. Some courts recognize incapacity as an unavoidable compulsion to engage in sexual intercourse within a certain time period, such as a year after the civil ceremony. However, this rule is not as clear-cut as it seems.