How to Manage Stress and Headaches

Although there are many treatments available for stress-related headaches, no single treatment can solve the problem completely. If the pain is persistent, you should talk to your doctor about additional options. In some cases, underlying health conditions may cause stress-related headaches, and treatment must start with identifying your triggers. Once you identify your triggers, take action to reduce your stress levels. Try to get adequate sleep every night, and avoid tasks that add to your daily routine.

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There are several ways to manage your stress. The first step is to try to avoid situations that can increase your stress levels. The best way to reduce stress is to make it a habit to take some time for yourself. Taking a short break from the situation can help. If you’re feeling unable to sleep well, try meditating or doing a little light yoga. If these steps don’t relieve your headache, consider taking over-the-counter medications. Over-the-counter analgesics may also help, but they can also increase the frequency of your headaches.

Besides getting regular sleep, you can also use relaxation techniques and exercise to relieve stress and lower your risk of headaches. One type of exercise that has been shown to reduce stress is yoga. It involves specific poses and breathing techniques that are designed to promote the mind-body connection and calm focus. By increasing the blood circulation and decreasing heart rate, yoga also lowers the symptoms of stress. While some forms of yoga may help you manage your stress and headaches, some can make them worse.