What is Google Rain? Innovation

The new ‘nowcasting’ system developed by Google’s DeepMind uses artificial intelligence to predict the likelihood of rain and snow in real-time. The system can estimate the likelihood of heavy rain for two hours ahead. It also can determine if the weather is dry or if it will rain during the day. The innovation will be available to the public on July 21. Interested users can download the app from Google Play or Huawei AppGallery.

what is google Rain innovation

Traditional methods of forecasting rainfall are very difficult due to the lack of visibility and traction. But the AI system developed by DeepMind can make short-term predictions much more accurately than the human mind. Because the amount of rainfall in the world is increasing rapidly, it is becoming more difficult to forecast adverse weather. Even if the rain is short-term, heavy rainfall can kill people. The AI-powered system can help people make better decisions to avoid potential problems caused by rain.

The technology works by learning the weather patterns. In a recent experiment, it correctly predicted rainfall parameters eighty-nine percent of the time. It’s important to note that rains can be unpredictable. The DGMR takes into account a number of weather factors that can affect the amount of water held up in the air and when it will fall. As a result, the new technology will help people avoid these scenarios and ensure they stay safe.